Paper models for geology mapwork

The purpose of the paper models is to help undergraduate students visualise a range of 3-D geometries associated with faults. They are intended as a complement to structural geology coursework on faults and to related mapwork. The models are easy to build and can be downloaded free.

If you have any suggestions for additional models or comments on existing ones, please let me know. Good luck!

Martin Schöpfer

Paper models


All models are provided as black and white high resolution JPEGs. The images should be rescaled to fit A4 landscape; since models listed under the same heading are designed to fit together, any departure from this scaling should be consistent. Print or photocopy the model on heavy photocopy paper (no heavier than about 160g/sqm), cut it out and fold it. Use a liquid glue (some glue sticks are not recommended) and/or double sided tape (not a particularly elegant approach!). Additional instructions are given for difficult models.
All models have been tested and discussed by the members of the Fault Analysis Group and many others. However, if any problems arise please do not hesitate to contact us.



Last update: September 2002

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